Become proactive, not reactive

지난 주에 읽은 Thomas Oppong의 ’These Tweaks to Your Daily Routine Will Significantly Improve How You Work’라는 Medium 글 중 인용한다.

You can squeeze an extra two hours or more out of your day if set your alarm clock to go off just 30 minutes earlier.

If you really have to focus on that task, limit the time you have to spend on any given task. Add dates, and due time to your to-do lists.
Push yourself to deliver within a specified time and move on.
Stop multi-tasking and get used to single-tasking to improve how you work.

Become proactive, not reactive

Don’t allow other people’s agenda rule your work week.
“Reactive” means, you don’t have the initiative.
You let the events set the agenda. You are practically checking things off others’ lists.
“Proactive” on the other hand is associated with control. You are in charge. You plan and take the initiative in your own direction.
It’s a way of dealing with things, that you can develop and strengthen. When you are proactive, you react ahead of time, hence saving you time.

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